About Us


Gentingmas Mall Sdn Bhd was first established as a mini market with the name of Chang Jiang Trading. The company is expanding rapidly with a total of 5 branches and actively involve in wholesaling and retailing. We are currently managing and operating 5 stores around Sandakan town area. The first large-scale hypermarket was officially opened in 2006. The hypermarket is known as Gentingmas Mall.


Our mission is to maintain low prices on all selection of goods continually and make Gentingmas Mall as the leading choice and number one shopping centre for all customer’s needs in Sandakan District. We aim to provide customer’s satisfaction and comfort through the wide spacing area and variety of product ranges in our stores.

Our Brands

We also produce our own line of brand comprising of various type of product. Our brand include corn flour, starch, beehoon, fine iodized salt, mineral water, carbonated drinks, tangerine and soy sauce. Our brands are just basic products with limited options, that is the reason why we have been strict on the quality and pricing. Feedback from customers is our motivation on developing more products and improving our current house brand products.



Gentingmas Mall offers its customers a diverse range of products selection. We sell the most comprehensive range of products at the lowest price possible. Our target is “Complete and Cheap”. Basically we have all the merchandise that could be required by a person on a daily basis such as clothes, grocery, medicine etc. We also offer products such as household appliances, hardware, beauty supplies, stationery and electronics under one roof.

Other than the wide range of daily groceries, we are selling fresh and frozen foods too. We have fresh seafood and meat delivered to our shop daily and hence, it’s at its finest quality.

Gentingmas Mall had dedicated two different branches specifically for selling two types of products. The first outlet consist of furniture and the second outlet sells artificial flowers, wedding accessories and tailoring.